Research Center for Aquaculture Systems

The center conducts research and development on aquaculture systems, focusing on aqua-culture feed formulation, fish nutrition, and effective utilization of aquaculture environment.

Aquafeed Group

Aquaculture Environment Group

Production of a low fishmeal (LFM) diet (upper left). Abnormal tissue development in the intestine and liver of amago salmon fed on a LFM diet (upper right). Microparticles ingested by bluefine tuna larva (lower left). Suspended culture of bivalves utilizing phytoplankton bloom induced by finfish culture effluents (upper right). Suspended culture of asari clam using a plastic container with sand substrates (left). Vertical profile of chlorophyll a concentration around finfish culture cages (red broken line) (lower right).

The aquaculture environment group has moved to the National Research Institute of Fisheries Science since April 1, 2019, but some parts of the research continues at the National Research Institute of Aquaculture in collaboration with the National Research Institute of Fisheries Science.